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“this world can be fixed,” predicts jesus

Young people of the Paulist Youth Institute
in the “Another God is Possible” workshop,
Sao Paulo, Brazil


RACHEL Friends of Emisoras Latinas, we continue our broadcast from an undisclosed location in Galilee, the northern province of Palestine, and we are accompanying Jesus during the last days of his second coming to earth. So, you’re going away, Jesus?

JESUS Yes, Rachel. I’ve seen enough. I’ve heard enough. Now it’s time to go back.

RACHEL When we started our interviews, you told us that after being away so long, nearly two thousand years, you wanted to know how things were going in the world. You wanted to know, above all, what your followers were doing.

JESUS Yes, that’s why I came.

RACHEL And what kind of an evaluation do you make now?

JESUS After all I’ve seen and heard, Rachel, I confess I feel sad, and also angry. The people on top, the same ones as always, have waylaid my message. They’ve said things that I never said, and they’ve hidden things I said. God made us in his image and likeness, but they have fabricated a god in their own image and likeness, small enough to fit into their pockets.

RACHEL I find you very impatient.

JESUS I was always quite impatient. I wanted God’s Kingdom here and now …

RACHEL Hold on a minute, Jesus, … Yes, hello?

STRABELI Hello, this is Carlos Strabeli speaking.

RACHEL Where are you calling from, Carlos? And how could you locate us, with all the problems we’ve been having these days with our signal?

STRABELI I’m calling from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and we located you through the Internet, on the webpage of Emisoras Latinas. In our community we have been closely following all these interviews, Jesus, all of them, one after another….

RACHEL And what do you think? Have you liked them?

STRABELI We believe in him. For our community the interviews have been a real liberation. We are very thankful. And we have a word of farewell for Jesus Christ.

JESUS And what is that word, Carlos, my friend?

STRABELI We want to bid you farewell and to tell you not to leave in sadness. We want you to know that there are many communities like ours here in Sao Paulo, here in Brazil, here in all Latin America, and everywhere. … Young people who have learned to share what they have, who refuse to adore the God called Money … People who are as impatient as you are for things to change … People who struggle so the world becomes the way you dreamed it should be and the way God wants it. Be certain of this, Jesus there are many of us men and women who think and feel the same as you.

JESUS But tell me, Carlos, are there no Pharisees there where you are? No rulers who persecute you?

STRABELI Yes, of course there are. They persecute us, but they don’t defeat us. They command us to keep quiet, but we keep talking. Our history is made up of mountains of martyrs, of fighters, of priests and laypeople and monks and catechists who made the option for the poor, who announced the true Kingdom of God and who gave their lives for that kingdom of justice.

JESUS Those are my real disciples.

STRABELI They’ve killed us so many times, we’ve died so many times, but we keep on rising up and walking! Like you, Jesus Christ! Hand in hand, companion!

JESUS Hand in hand, Carlos!

STRABELI Long live the movement!

JESUS May it live long!

RACHEL What do you think, Jesus Christ, I mean, Jesus? Was your struggle worth the trouble?

JESUS Of course it was, Rachel. I was speaking before out of anger. But I also leave here with much joy, with tremendous joy. Look at those communities our friend is talking about. They are alive and they exist all over the place. They are leaven in the dough, light in the darkness. In these days I have got to know many people like that, generous people who work for others, who care for life, who live with hope and trust in the true God.

RACHEL And so you think that this world, despite everything, can be set straight?

JESUS I think it can. I want it to. That is what God wants. But now, Rachel, what God wants is this downpour that’s going to drown us…

RACHEL Run, let’s go take cover under those trees. Listening audience, we will take a break because of a sudden rainstorm, but we’ll be back with you immediately. This is Rachel Perez of Emisoras Latinas.


ANNOUNCER Another God is Possible. Exclusive interviews with Jesus Christ in his second coming to Earth. A production of María and José Ignacio López Vigil, with the support of the Syd Forum and Christian Aid.

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We believe
Nothing, almost nothing, of what Jesus lived and gave his life for has become reality in history. In today’s world money is what comes first, and God is shoved aside, though still present in our brothers and sisters. War, violence, greed and falsehood continue to reign. But at the same time that for which Jesus lived and gave his life has become reality in many people who choose God rather than money, who work for peace, who share what they possess, who struggle for justice and decide for Life. What has greater weight? Who has greater weight?
Who can calculate which weighs more? Despite everything, it was worth the trouble. It is worth the trouble. Jesus of Nazareth, that poor peasant from Galilee who had no academic training and no religious authority, inspires in us a passion to transform the idea of God – another God is possible – and to live a life the makes us human and saves the planet – other World is possible. Inspired by Jesus, we have written these interviews with him. We believe in him.