A certain Jesus, was first a radio drama in twelve dozen chapters (144) of about 15 minutes each. Putting humor, everyday language and a point of Latin American salt to the schematic stories of the Gospel was the challenge. The result is a faithful reconstruction of the historical and cultural scene of that time and the rescue of Jesus of Nazareth as the real man he was, a man passionate about justice, inspiring a movement of free women and men, committed to the construction of the God’s Kingdom. From the first moment, religious authorities condemned A certain Jesus and banned him with threats and even excommunications. They only made free propaganda because each time the programs were heard on more stations and the book with the scripts, which was born shortly after, passed from hand to hand. They are already several generations of women, men, young people, and even girls and boys who have found in the Moreno de Nazaret sense, joy, freedom and hope. A series produced by María and José Ignacio López Vigil, authors of Another God is Possible ..